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Oct 01

jemcarstairsthesexybeast said: Hey Cassie! I'm going to your Talking Volumes tomorrow and I was wondering if you're just signing The Iron Trial, or can be bring other books, too? Thank you so much!

I believe you can bring at least two other of my books and two other of Holly’s books. The link for the event in Minneapolis tonight is up here - we’re looking forward to it!

Sep 30


Holly is next to me in the airport and is like awwwwww


Group hug for Call <3Tamara, Callum and Aaron are from The Iron Trial by cassandraclare and hollyblackADORABLE. Holly is next to me in the airport and is like awwwwww


Group hug for Call <3

Tamara, Callum and Aaron are from The Iron Trial by cassandraclare and hollyblack

Sep 29

On Poisoned Apples, the "Great YA Debate," and the Death of the Patriarchy -


My friend Christine Heppermann’s book POISONED APPLES: POEMS FOR YOU MY PRETTY released this week. This collection is an unabashedly feminist look at girls, body image, and eating disorders told through the lens of fairy tales, designed for young adults.

The book is arriving at an interesting…

I’m late on this, but it is great.

“But he’s my brother!” 21 pop-culture siblings from the last decade who got rather… close -

More at the site.

Sadly, TMI is only awarded a creep factor of 1 as Clary and Jace are not related in truth. Game of Thrones gets a 9! 


Sep 28

Spoilers for CoHF and Clockwork Princess!

usamahayat said: Hi, first of all I love your books! I have a question though, when jem becomes mortal again his years don’t catch up to him but if magnus were to become mortal his years would catch up to him and he would die. Why did this not happen to jem?

missmorgenstern said: Hi Cassie!:) I just want to say that I love your books, and those who critique them need plonking on the head! My question though is about Jem and Magnus: In CoHF when Magnus’s father was going to take Magnus’s immortality, Magnus said that he would most definitely die because the years would come at him all at once. So why did Jem not die when he became mortal again after being a Silent Brother?

Hey Cassie! I’ve just finished reading Heavenly Fire and I can now safely say that I love your books and can not wait for you to release the rest! However, I do have a question about Jem becoming mortal again. In TMI, when they were in Edom, Magnus's father wanted his immortality but Magnus said that if he gave it up, he would die as his age (of over 400 years old) would catch up on him immediately. How come this didn’t happen with Jem, after he became mortal again as he is over 130 years old?”

When I get a ton of questions that are all the same question all at once I tend to assume some sort of Conversation is happening somewhere on the internet and everyone is stumped so they are like LET’S ASK CASSIE. Which is fine. I don’t mind.

This falls into the category of questions I think of as “Why are spaghetti and fettucine both pasta when they’re different shapes?” We know the answer because we know pasta is not all one thing. Magic, also, is not all one thing, and neither are magical creatures. Different magic acts on people differently. (Being injected with demon blood worked on Sebastian differently than having a demon parent worked on Tessa. Having a demon parent and a Shadowhunter parent produces a different creature (Tessa) than having a demon parent and human parent produces (Magnus.)) If Maia drank Jace’s blood (no idea why she’d want to) she would not become a Daylighter, because she is not a vampire. Sometimes we want to think of magic as “Do A, Get B” but the magic system of the Shadowhunter books is complicated: if you Do A, it depends on why you are doing it, and with what, and to whom. So:

1) Jem and Magnus are not the same magical creature. Magnus is a warlock. Jem is a Silent Brother.

2) Magnus and Jem are not both immortal. Magnus is immortal. Silent Brothers are not. They simply age very slowly. When Jem shows up on the bridge in Clockwork Princess, he looks as if he’s aged about four, five years since 1878.

3) Magnus was going to have his immortality taken away. Jem did not have his (nonexistent) immortality taken away: he had his Silent Brotherness taken away. The aging slowly is a an aspect of being a Silent Brother, but not the point of the exercise or a significant part of the magic.

4) Magnus was going to have the spell performed on him by a demon. Jem had his true self restored by literally the fire of heaven. It is a central tenet of the Shadowhunter books that from angelic power comes good things, and from demonic power comes bad things. That is why Heaven probably does not look like Edom. 

What would have happened to Magnus was a deliberate evil spell performed by a demon, who desired to consume Magnus’ immortality for his own. What happened to Jem was a restoration, a burning away of the poison that made Silent Brotherhood necessary and then of Silent Brotherhood itself. 

In other words they were completely different kinds of magic, performed by completely different forces on completely different beings under completely different circumstances. When Magnus says that if Asmodeus takes his immortality away in Edom, he’ll die, he knows he’ll die under those circumstances. Obviously he doesn’t think he would die under any and all circumstances, or that this is a hard and fast rule that applies to all immortals all the time, or why would he ever have bothered to look in the Book of the White and elsewhere for a way to undo his immortality in the first place? 

Hopin’ that helps!


Sep 26

TDA Snippet

“Emma —“

“I’m calling.” Emma lunged for her phone.

“No!” Julian said, forcefully enough to stop her. “You know we can’t tell anyone. About Mark —“

“You’re not going to bleed to death in a car for Mark!”  

“No,” he said, looking at her. His eyes were eerily green-blue, the only bright color in the dark interior of the car. “You’re going to fix me.”

margaritaf-deactivated20140926 said: Why didn't Jem and Will go to the Academy? They didn't want to or they weren't allowed to? I'm feeling guilty as hell for bombarding you with questions but I just have to know! I'm sorry!

One usually goes to the Academy at about twelve. It’s assumed that one has been tutored at home up until that point in Shadowhunter basics.

At twelve, Will was the raggedy desperate boy who’d showed up at the door of the Institute and said he had nowhere else to go. Charlotte wasn’t going to pack him off to the Academy. Especially since he lacked the basics of knowing anything about Shadowhunters. He would have been chewed up and tortured. Charlotte didn’t know the specifics of Will’s problem, but she certainly knew enough to know he would have an awful time.

At twelve, Jem was poisoned and dying. The Academy simply would have not have wasted the resources training someone who wouldn’t survive to use the training.

The Clave are not nice people. Their school is not necessarily a nice place. :)


Taking a breather with Mark Blackthorn. 
Character (c) The Dark Artifices, cassandraclare


Taking a breather with Mark Blackthorn. 

Character (c) The Dark Artifices, cassandraclare