Hi! I'm a HUGE fan of your books and I am currently rereading the mortal instruments series:) I just wanted to ask you a random question: do you think that Clary will ever have a parabatai? I always envisioned her parabatai being Isabelle:) thank you!!❤️❤️

Maybe Clary will have a parabatai. I can think of a certain someone who wants to be a Shadowhunter who would be very qualified.

Isabelle and Clary are not going to be parabatai. Isabelle doesn’t want one. Most people don’t have them. Having a parabatai is not something everyone would want and it’s okay not to want it! It doesn’t mean you don’t have a best friend, someone like a sister to you, etc. In Dark Artifices, Julian is Emma’s parabatai, but Cristina is her best friend. There’s a real qualitative difference in the relationships (even leaving out any romantic factor.)


I like this one better than my last one. Mark Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices by cassandraclare
For alecsweetcheekslightwood


I like this one better than my last one. Mark Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices by cassandraclare

For alecsweetcheekslightwood

Are you real?

I am made of cotton candy fluff, typewriter keys, and glitter.

Hi Cassie, first off I just want to say how much I LOVE your books! Also I was just wondering if you know a rough date for when TDA will come out? Im sorry if you've already answered this :) x

Late 2015/early 2016 is my guess. We are leaving room because we don’t want to end up with a crunch situation like we did with the end of Heavenly Fire. It almost killed like six people at my publisher, as well as me.

Hello Cassie! First of all, love your books. Can't live without them! Second, I have a tiny question about the Silent Brothers. When they become Silent Brothers they get a new name. Where does that new name come from? Is it chosen at random or does it come from something special?

They choose it. Jem chose Zachariah, because it means remember.

hi cassie! :D firstly, i'd just like to say that i am a HUGE fan of your books. You literally have no idea. anwyays, i just had a question about the mortal instruments. the rune that Clary uses in City of heavenly fire to get all the heavenly fire into her sword was also mentioned in City of Bones. but i heard that at first, you didn't plan on continuing the series after City of Glass, so I was just wondering what you were planning to do with it originally? -Lia :3

It’s not actually true that I didn’t plan to continue writing Shadowhunter books after City of Glass, just that I didn’t think they’d be Mortal Instruments books. I had planned a spin-off series about Simon (and now I have one! Hurrah!) and I had even plotted it all out with my critique group. And the morning after an entire day of plot outlining I woke up, emerged from my bedroom, and announced, “I don’t want to write that.”*

*shrugs* Sometimes the conception of a story turns out not to work when you sit down to thrash out the details. I felt like pulling Simon away from all his friends and the characters of TMI wasn’t working for me for a multitude of reasons, so we replotted and recalibrated and the spinoff books became the last three books of TMI. 

That doesn’t mean a ton of elements from the Simon story haven’t been changed and altered and used in TMI and even in TDA (the Simon story took place in LA, for instance) and all the threads I left intentionally open at the end of City of Glass (What happened to Sebastian’s body? Who was Simon going to end up with? What was up with the Seelie Queen? And what was up with that rune of Clary’s?) got answered, just in a recalibrated way. That rune was always going to mean what it meant. The story around it changed, is all.

*And then they pushed me in the pool.

Hi Cassie, I was wondering whether stories in the Shadowhunter Academy book and the Bane Chronicles are like all of the shadowhunter series'? Could they be read without spoiling anything in the other books? I'm guessing not, but you're so careful in your books that you don't spoil things, are these additional and could spoil events? I wouldn't be personally affected by them as I've read every book haha, I guess I'm just curious :) Thank you for your time - PoptartMelody x

This is confusing even for me.

You can pick up either TID or TMI and read it through without spoiling the other series.

The Bane Chronicles stories do spoil things in TMI and TID because I think of them as the kind of things only hardcore fans will read. Ditto the stories in Shadowhunter Academy. They spoil things in TID and TMI, and hint at things in TDA and TLH.

You don’t have to read either TBC or TFSA to understand any of the novels. It’s fun but not required.

"'Jack' was stopped by Will Herondale, his former Parabatai, and his institute of Victorian shadow hunters" does this mean Jem was Jack the ripper??


Hello Cassie! I am a huge fan of your books! I have no questions about the tv show but congrats! I do have a few other questions though 1. In TID Camille was reported because she was dating a werewolf and vampires dating werewolves was against the law, so if it is against he law.. why wasn't Simon and Maia in trouble? 2. Will characters from TMI/TID show up in TDA?3. If you know the date, when will TDA be released in Ireland? AND FINALLY 4. When will S.A be released in book form? Thanks!!!

1) Camille was in trouble because vampires and werewolves dating was against De Quincey’s rules, not against Shadowhunter law. The Shadowhunters didn’t even know what happened to her. De Quincey is long dead by the time of TMI and different vampire clans have different rules. Besides, dating Maia isn’t even like #5 on the list of things Simon did to piss off the vampire clan of NYC.

2) The most-asked question I get. I have said yes many hundreds of times so I promise a longer post on the topic!

3) Ireland should be on the same release schedule as the US/Aus/UK.

4) Don’t know yet!

Hi Cassie! Let me tell you that TID is my favourite trilogy EVER and I'm in love with the characters in an unexplainable way, so of course I'm really excited for The Last Hours, my question is when did you come up with the idea? It was thought since the beggining or it came out during the writing of CP2 or maybe CoHF? THANK YOU, LOVE YOU

Sometimes stories appear at convenient times and sometimes at inconvenient times. I knew (I had to know for the family tree and for connections between TMI and TID) about Lucie and James Herondale, and I had to know about several of the other characters, too. I was finishing Clockwork Princess at the same time that we began discussing the Bane Chronicles, so the genesis of the story of The Last Hours began when Sarah and I started talking about how my favorite Dickens book wasn’t actually Tale of Two Cities but Great Expectations, and how Tatiana was set to turn into a Miss Havisham, and from there came the idea of Grace, and how Jesse tied in, and Matthew, and everything just snowballed. The Midnight Heir is, to me, a story complete in itself but also a peek into the larger world of The Last Hours. And so will be Nothing But Shadows.