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Clary-Simon parabatai


Hello Cassie I love all your books and have especially loved TID. My favourite was Jem, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Tessa or Will. Jem was my favourite because I am somewhat like Jem myself, I am sick as well, and I understood why he did what he did and how he thinks. To read about Jem and the way clockwork princess ends gives me a lot of hope (maybe I will find a cure too) :) I want to thank you for that. I recently finished CoHf and loved every bit of it :) as you can probably guess I loved reading about Jem and Tessa in CoHf :) I do have a question for you: Does Clary ever find a parabatai? Also (2 questions sorry :p) can ascenders have a parabatai? I would love it if you could answer my questions (if you are reading this). I am very excited for TDA and restlessly await its release :) Thank you so much A huge fan of yours M3H4K :) — m3h4k

Hello! Thank you for your love for Jem, I love him too. I think you have a question about TMI a lot of people have. :)

its-carmen-venegas said: CoHF spoiler: I was wondering if in the future we will see Simon Ascend and become a Shadowhunter with his memories returned and/or him as Clary’s parabatai and finally together with Izzy? I love you stories and they have been great to read!!


Hi I really loved COHF and I really just have to know if Clary and Simon are gonna become parabatai?

mortalacademyasked you:

Hi Cassie :) Do you think there is a possibility in the future for Simon and Clary to become parabatai? They would be brilliant for each other, in my own opinion :)

pa1g32019 asked you: Do Simon and Clary become parabatai???

Are Clary and Simon gonna be parabatai when he ascends?? — mejampo

sherlockthedivergentboywholived asked you: SPOILERS FOR CoHF I’ve just had an amazing thought. Would clary and simon become parabatai?? I think that would be the best thing ever and in the wedding scene there are runes all over simon and that would be perfect if they were parabatai.

thefaultinour-fangirling asked you: Any possibility that Simon and Clary could become parabatai??????

mayiaskquy asked you: SPOILER! Did Clary and Simon become parabatai when Simon became a shadowhunter? x


Will Simon and clary become parabati?

spanish-rose said: Hi Cassie! I am asking this for my cousin (she doesn’t have a tumblr) and me. After the events of COHF do Simon and Clary become Parabatai or is it too late? Or does his lack of memories change their relationship? We always saw them having a bond like that, and now that it’s possible, we are super curious! Thank you in advance if you get to our question

lovee1795 said: Did you ever consider making Isabelle and Clary parabatai? I thought you were working towards it in CoHF but then it never happened. I feel they would’ve made a great team.

insult-to-intelligenceasked you:

are we gonna see simon ascend? is gonna continue the lightwood name or is he gonna pick another shadowhunter surname?

demi-herondale asked you: So Magnus mentioned to Simon about the ascension at the end of CoHF. Does Simon ever ascend and become a shadowhunter, or is that supposed to be up to us as readers?

yesihaveredhair asked you: The ending was beautiful, Cassie. I loved every bit of it. And I bawled my eyes out with Simon. I’m just wondering (and I’m thinking this question might be answered in Lady Midnight) if Simon does Ascend? Because that would just be amazing for him :) I’m going to miss these characters, but I’m excited for Emma and Jules! xxx

alyienated said: Cassie, please tell us more details about Simom’s ascension for I think the book didn’t really have details about him undergoing that and description of him being a Shadowhunter. I just know that Magnus helped him out and stuff to prepare him for Ascension. :)

It’s true, the book didn’t have any details about Simon Ascending because the process of going to Shadowhunter Academy/training/learning to become a Shadowhunter is a year-plus process and there was no room for it (plus tonally it would have been weird there at the end of the book.) City of Heavenly Fire ends with hope for Simon and the option of becoming a Shadowhunter, something he’s wanted, something all his friends are. Something he deserves, given how much he’s fought alongside Shadowhunters! But that’s all. You can stop there, if you want — the future of the characters is open with possibilities and you can imagine whatever you want into it, and many people like to do that.

I skipped answering this question publicly before because I was waiting for people to have a chance to read CoHF but now that many have: Simon was always meant to become a Shadowhunter in the end. When I first planned the spin-off Simon story from City of Glass it was about him becoming a Shadowhunter in the end. It was always his endgame.

As many of the characters from TMI show up in places in TDA, I had originally thought we’d find out what happened with Simon’s Ascension then. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy was originally a series of novellas connected by the existence of the Academy, but it occurred to us as we mapped it out that ideally there would be a character that also connected all the stories — which is how we developed the idea of following Simon through his arrival at the Academy to his Ascension ceremony.

I think the answer to “Will Clary and Simon be parabatai?” is that Clary and Simon would like to be parabatai. Nothing is stopping them except that Simon hasn’t Ascended. If he does it on time, it’s something they could do.

And it’s always been the idea: that Clary and Simon would try to be parabatai. I understanding wanting to see Izzy and Clary be parabatai because they’re good friends and we don’t/haven’t seen a real girl/girl parabatai situation. However, Clary and Izzy just haven’t known each other long enough for it to make sense, while Clary and Simon are basically spiritually parabatai already. 

We will have a girl/girl parabatai situation in Last Hours with Lucie and Cordelia, and an incredibly close friendship between girls with Cristina and Emma in TDA. Part of what’s been interesting about TDA actually is writing the difference between a friendship —Emma and Cristina — and a parabatai relationship —Jules and Emma. 

As for what name Simon chooses, whether he and Izzy can rekindle their relationship, what memories he gets back and which he doesn’t — Shadowhunter Academy and TDA will have to answer that!

aw, Clary&Simon!


Climon friendship is probably my favourite TMI relationship, they’re just so adorable and heart-wrenching and perfect ;____;

Shadowhunter Academy titles


Hello, CC! Do you have any news for us about The Secret Treasons and The Shadowhunter Academy? Thank youuu! <3 — yssaoeyt

Well, TST is a big art project, so, it happens when it happens. I don’t know when it’ll be exactly.

I’m holding off also on saying too much about Academy until we nail down dates — it will be ten stories, like the Bane Chronicles, and like the Bane Chronicles will end up as a print book eventually. The stories cover Simon’s arrival at the Academy through to his Ascension Ceremony, but a lot of them also time-hop: back to 1830, 1893, 1900, to the time of the Circle and some switch perspectives. I’ll say more when we make the actual announcement but for now have the list of titles to play with!

1) Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy.

2) The Lost Herondale.

3) The Whitechapel Fiend.

4) Nothing But Shadows

5) The Evil We Love

6) Pale Kings and Princes

7) Bitter of Tongue

8) The Fiery Trial

9) Born to Endless Night

10) Angels Twice Descending

Happy Birthday Manila Institute!

A small bird reminded me that the Stephen Herondale and Amatis Graymark flower cards hadn’t been posted. Here they are!

Hi Cassie. I hope you end up selling the tarot cards on like because I think they are amazing and so unique to the series. I hope you sell them on a site like the book depository so I know it will ship to Australia :) p.s. I am so freaking excited for TDA!!!! — monsters-drink-tea

Cassandra Jean and I are in the middle of finalizing putting up the tarot cards for sale now. It would be a limited run through a distributor that (as far as I know) ships worldwide.

CoHF: Magnus and Alec


Hi Cassie, I loved CoHF and can’t wait for TDA. One of my favourite scenes from CoHF was when the wish-demon thingy sent them to those dreams that were supposedly their heart’s desires. But, in Alec’s, was Magnus actually there when he told him to wake up and smell the cookies? Like, was Magnus in the cell in Edom aware that this was going on and helped out or was it just some part of Alec’s brain going “WAKE UP” and came across as Magnus? Thanks! — justdontflickrrr

I think it’s a part of the book that’s up for interpretation. I mean, Magnus evinces no knowledge it happened later, so if he was there in some sense, it wasn’t conscious.

When I wrote it, I thought of it as being all Alec. That he was seeing what he wanted in his head, to some extent, but just as it did with all the others, the demon got his ultimate desires slightly wrong (highly overboard, in Alec’s case) and — just as with the others — something in the dream-state tipped Alec off. In this case, the being tipped off took the form of Magnus, because I think for Alec — who despite being a badass fighter sometimes gets lost in his own head — Magnus is the person who pulls him out when he gets in that state. Magnus lets him be an internal person, because Alec very much is that, but he can also tell when Alec is spinning himself into a state and ground him. He tells Alec the truth about things, things that Alec’s other grounding forces don’t necessarily have perspective on (like the Lightwood family, because they’re in the Lightwood family). Magnus, despite being something of a wild force of nature, is a calming force for Alec. He also has a lot of faith in Alec that Alec doesn’t always have in himself. So when Alec hears “This isn’t what you want, you’re better than this” it might be him thinking it, but he puts Magnus’ face to it, because it’s Magnus that’s given him the confidence to believe that himself.

However, if you’d rather read it as Magnus being there in some capacity, you can.

Aw. Malec feels!

Last but assuredly not least, Cassandra Jean&#8217;s Tessa and Will and the DSDS in Clockwork Princess.

Last but assuredly not least, Cassandra Jean’s Tessa and Will and the DSDS in Clockwork Princess.

More Cassandra Jean sexytimes — Jem and Tessa in Clockwork Prince. 

More Cassandra Jean sexytimes — Jem and Tessa in Clockwork Prince. 

Hi Cassie! Has CJP finished all the DSAS/DSBS/DSES/DSDS pictures? I’m not sure if she has and I’ve missed them but I’ve only ever seen the DSES and the DSAS and that was a while ago… I can’t seem to find them anymore. Could you repost them? — tmitidtdatlh

Ask and ye shall receive. The first is the DSAS which started it all — Clary and Jace in City of Fallen Angels. The second is Clary and Jace in the club in City of Lost Souls. And the last is Clary and Jace in Edom in City of Heavenly Fire. I believe they grow progressively more nakedish in each picture (though there is NO NUDITY here.)

There are also two from The Infernal Devices, which I will post separately in a minute.