A snippet from the Bane Chronicles. CLOCKWORK PRINCESS SPOILERS.

The snippet isn’t really words. It’s art. But it’s under a cut anyway because it remains spoilery for Clockwork Princess. Art by the incomparable Cassandra Jean.

This boy had pale amber eyes, like a crystal glass filled brimful with crisp white wine and held up to catch the light of the sun. Magnus could not imagine these eyes as tender. The boy was lovely, but his was a beauty like that Helen of Troy might have had once, disaster written in every line. The light of his beauty made Magnus think of cities burning. 

Fog and gaslight receded into memory. His momentary lapse into foolish nostalgia was over. This was not Will. That broken, beautiful boy would be a man now, and this boy was a stranger.

“I,” the boy announced, “am James Herondale.”  

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