"Dear Cassie, First of all thank you for Clockwork Princess. It is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking books I’ve ever read, it made me cry and smile so much! Secondly, I’m thoroughly enjoying the Shadowhunter Tarot. Will there be a card for the warlocks also? It would be amazing to have a card of Magnus, Ragnor and Catarina with the release of The Bane Chronicles approaching. I’m so very much looking forward to reading the stories! — noalani"

There is a lot of Ragnor in the first Bane Chronicle. I am hoping you guys will come to love him, adorable little green warlock that he is. There is a Magnus card (Magnus is on several cards) above; there WAS a Ragnor card, but Cassandra and I decided to swap it out, so we could fit other characters we felt needed inclusion more — like Sophie. But you can see it there; consider it a prototype.

Magnus takes the major arcana card of the Magician of course; what else?

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