I have great news! Godfrey Gao is now joining the panel for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES at Comic-Con! See the full list of panelists below:
- Me
- Lily Collins
- Jamie Campbell-Bower
- Robbie Sheehan
- Kevin Zegers
- Godfrey Gao
- Harald Zwart
Godfrey will of course bring untold handsomeness to the panel. I hope to see you all there to enjoy it, and if not, that’s what gifsets are for.

So they showed a clip of City of Bones at Leaky Con — thought I’d repost one watcher’s reaction. Thanks Melissa and Maureen at LeakyCon and Sony for setting this up! Wish I could have been there!


So I at the Portland LeakyCon this weekend, and today they showed us a scene from the City of Bones movie. Let me just say… I was not expecting it to be so long.

So imagine this:
Clary, Jace and Simon crossing the street to a tattered looking gate.

Simon says, “What is…