Spoilers for CoHF and Clockwork Princess!

usamahayat said: Hi, first of all I love your books! I have a question though, when jem becomes mortal again his years don’t catch up to him but if magnus were to become mortal his years would catch up to him and he would die. Why did this not happen to jem?

missmorgenstern said: Hi Cassie!:) I just want to say that I love your books, and those who critique them need plonking on the head! My question though is about Jem and Magnus: In CoHF when Magnus’s father was going to take Magnus’s immortality, Magnus said that he would most definitely die because the years would come at him all at once. So why did Jem not die when he became mortal again after being a Silent Brother?

Hey Cassie! I’ve just finished reading Heavenly Fire and I can now safely say that I love your books and can not wait for you to release the rest! However, I do have a question about Jem becoming mortal again. In TMI, when they were in Edom, Magnus's father wanted his immortality but Magnus said that if he gave it up, he would die as his age (of over 400 years old) would catch up on him immediately. How come this didn’t happen with Jem, after he became mortal again as he is over 130 years old?”

When I get a ton of questions that are all the same question all at once I tend to assume some sort of Conversation is happening somewhere on the internet and everyone is stumped so they are like LET’S ASK CASSIE. Which is fine. I don’t mind.

This falls into the category of questions I think of as “Why are spaghetti and fettucine both pasta when they’re different shapes?” We know the answer because we know pasta is not all one thing. Magic, also, is not all one thing, and neither are magical creatures. Different magic acts on people differently. (Being injected with demon blood worked on Sebastian differently than having a demon parent worked on Tessa. Having a demon parent and a Shadowhunter parent produces a different creature (Tessa) than having a demon parent and human parent produces (Magnus.)) If Maia drank Jace’s blood (no idea why she’d want to) she would not become a Daylighter, because she is not a vampire. Sometimes we want to think of magic as “Do A, Get B” but the magic system of the Shadowhunter books is complicated: if you Do A, it depends on why you are doing it, and with what, and to whom. So:

1) Jem and Magnus are not the same magical creature. Magnus is a warlock. Jem is a Silent Brother.

2) Magnus and Jem are not both immortal. Magnus is immortal. Silent Brothers are not. They simply age very slowly. When Jem shows up on the bridge in Clockwork Princess, he looks as if he’s aged about four, five years since 1878.

3) Magnus was going to have his immortality taken away. Jem did not have his (nonexistent) immortality taken away: he had his Silent Brotherness taken away. The aging slowly is a an aspect of being a Silent Brother, but not the point of the exercise or a significant part of the magic.

4) Magnus was going to have the spell performed on him by a demon. Jem had his true self restored by literally the fire of heaven. It is a central tenet of the Shadowhunter books that from angelic power comes good things, and from demonic power comes bad things. That is why Heaven probably does not look like Edom. 

What would have happened to Magnus was a deliberate evil spell performed by a demon, who desired to consume Magnus’ immortality for his own. What happened to Jem was a restoration, a burning away of the poison that made Silent Brotherhood necessary and then of Silent Brotherhood itself. 

In other words they were completely different kinds of magic, performed by completely different forces on completely different beings under completely different circumstances. When Magnus says that if Asmodeus takes his immortality away in Edom, he’ll die, he knows he’ll die under those circumstances. Obviously he doesn’t think he would die under any and all circumstances, or that this is a hard and fast rule that applies to all immortals all the time, or why would he ever have bothered to look in the Book of the White and elsewhere for a way to undo his immortality in the first place? 

Hopin’ that helps!

Hi Cassie After reading all the TMI, TID and TMBC books I still don’t get why Will Herondale is such a touchy subject for Magnus. I mean, yes, they were friends and we know Magnus told Camille they were dating even tho they weren’t and Magnus had helped Will and Tessa many times but there was nothing that explains (unless I totally missed it) why talking about Will made Magnus sad. Why did he kept referring to Will as a painful memory and why on earth did Alec even think they had feelings for each other. Was Magnus inlove with Will and was upset that it was one sided? Did Will somehow hurt Magnus along the years? I’m still confused about the whole thing. I’d be super grateful if you could shed some light on the matter. Thank you so much for your books! — nicky-angel  

“Are you in love with Will?” Woolsey asked—all curiosity, no jealousy.

“No,” Magnus said. “I have wondered that, but no. It is something else. I feel that I owe him. I have heard it said that when you save a life, you are responsible for that life. I feel I am responsible for that boy. If he never finds happiness, I will feel I have failed him. If he cannot have that girl he loves, I will feel I have failed him. If I cannot keep his parabatai by him, I will feel I failed him.” —Clockwork Princess

Will did find happiness, and Will did get the girl he loved. Will did not get to keep his parabatai by him. So Magnus feeling he failed Will in that would be the simplest explanation for Magnus’ feelings of sadness regarding Will, and the one that Magnus plainly says is the reason.

Text is open to interpretation, of course, and you don’t always have to agree with the characters. My perspective is that Magnus’s sadness/wistfulness/sentimentality about Will springs from a few different sources:

1. The one Magnus stated, above. He feels he failed Will.
2) Thinking of Will reminds him of his own immortality. Remembering people he cared about and lost sometimes makes him sad. He cared about Will, and Will is dead. What’s not to be sad about?

3) Magnus had a front row seat to Tessa’s heartbreak when Will died. As another immortal, her great love for a mortal was symbolic for Magnus. We think of Tessa as someone with a lot of equanimity and wisdom, but at the time she was probably miserable. Magnus was likely one of her main supports at that time, and thus he probably saw the worst of it. And  wouldn’t that remind him of him and Alec?

3. When Magnus thinks of Will, he doesn’t just think of Will as he was the last time Magnus saw him in CP, as Will-with-a-happy-ending. He thinks of all the Wills he knew over time, including the tortured young man, and the Will that grew old, and the absence of Will that broke Tessa’s heart.
Lastly, Alec thought Magnus was in love with Will because he was repeatedly manipulated by Camille into fixating on the idea that he was. But the reason Alec was so vulnerable to that manipulation was that Magnus refused to communicate about his past. (More about that here:http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/23085927566/city-of-lost-souls-questions-and-answers-spoilers)
CoHF: Magnus and Alec


Hi Cassie, I loved CoHF and can’t wait for TDA. One of my favourite scenes from CoHF was when the wish-demon thingy sent them to those dreams that were supposedly their heart’s desires. But, in Alec’s, was Magnus actually there when he told him to wake up and smell the cookies? Like, was Magnus in the cell in Edom aware that this was going on and helped out or was it just some part of Alec’s brain going “WAKE UP” and came across as Magnus? Thanks! — justdontflickrrr

I think it’s a part of the book that’s up for interpretation. I mean, Magnus evinces no knowledge it happened later, so if he was there in some sense, it wasn’t conscious.

When I wrote it, I thought of it as being all Alec. That he was seeing what he wanted in his head, to some extent, but just as it did with all the others, the demon got his ultimate desires slightly wrong (highly overboard, in Alec’s case) and — just as with the others — something in the dream-state tipped Alec off. In this case, the being tipped off took the form of Magnus, because I think for Alec — who despite being a badass fighter sometimes gets lost in his own head — Magnus is the person who pulls him out when he gets in that state. Magnus lets him be an internal person, because Alec very much is that, but he can also tell when Alec is spinning himself into a state and ground him. He tells Alec the truth about things, things that Alec’s other grounding forces don’t necessarily have perspective on (like the Lightwood family, because they’re in the Lightwood family). Magnus, despite being something of a wild force of nature, is a calming force for Alec. He also has a lot of faith in Alec that Alec doesn’t always have in himself. So when Alec hears “This isn’t what you want, you’re better than this” it might be him thinking it, but he puts Magnus’ face to it, because it’s Magnus that’s given him the confidence to believe that himself.

However, if you’d rather read it as Magnus being there in some capacity, you can.

Aw. Malec feels!

Have a warlock bouquet! Cassandra Jean’s flower cards. Only two more and we move from TMI to TID.


Malec and weddings

herondales-and-winchesters said: Hi Cassie! First of all I’d like to say that CoHF was a perfect ending to a perfect series. I have a question about …


the series of short stories about Simon. Will we be finding out what happened after CoHF in those stories? How the lives of all the main characters went on; if Simon ascended, if he and Izzy ended up together, the journeys Magnus and Alec went on, Jace and Clary’s wedding? P.S. your books are flawless and they’ve done so much for me, I can’t wait for TDA, TLH & TWP :-)

You said here that Shadowhunters can’t marry non-Shadowhunters, but I thought I also remembered you saying Magnus and Alec will get married. And wasn’t Andrew Blackthorn married to his faerie wife when he had Mark and Helen?

*sigh* Sometimes my brain doesn’t catch up with my typing fingers. Here’s the page from the Codex about Shadowhunter/Downworlder marriages:


Shadowhunters are permitted to marry other Shadowhunters and, in most cases, Downworlders. (Since the Clave’s primary con- cern is the ability to birth more Shadowhunters, it is somewhat frowned upon to marry a warlock or a vampire, since they will have no children, but it is allowed.) Shadowhunters are not permitted to marry mundanes. They are, however, allowed to petition the Clave and ask that the mundane they wish to marry be allowed to become a Shadowhunter, in a process known as Ascension…..

The Shadowhunter who wishes to marry a mundane applies for Ascension on behalf of his partner. For three months the Clave considers the petition, examining the history of the Shadowhunter who has applied, and his family, in addition to the background and nature of the possible Ascender. Of necessity this is all done without the knowledge of the Ascender; prior to the Clave’s decision in the affirmative, it remains illegal to tell the mundane applicant any details of the ways of the Nephilim. Once the Clave has granted the petition, the Ascender is told about her situation, and she embarks on three months’ study of Shadowhunter Law and culture. At the end of these three months, the Ascender is given to drink from the Mortal Cup and made a Nephilim; provided she survives this process, she is rendered a full Shadowhunter, with all the protections and rights of the Law that any Shadowhunter would have.”

The thing is that the Clave doesn’t allow Shadowhunter marriages between Shadowhunters and Downworlders, because runes are part of those. But they can allow other kinds of marriage: church weddings, handfasting, faerie ceremonies (in the case of Andrew Blackthorn and Helen and Mark’s mother) etc. Tessa’s marriage to Will got fudged a bit because runes put on her skin disappear. Alec wouldn’t be able to rune Magnus because it would hurt/endanger him. Jem and Tessa don’t bother with them at all because Jem no longer wants to be a Shadowhunter.

As always, the magic in these books is ever-evolving towards changes. What is the Law at one time may not always be the Law. We know Magnus and Alec get married and have a child/children despite being a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder. (We have no idea about any other couples; I’m not promising anything about marriage and babies for anyone but Malec at this time.) I do promise that we will be checking in on major developments in the TMI cast’s lives as the serieses go forward. We will find out if Jace and Clary get married, if Simon and Isabelle make it work, if he Ascends — but I do want there to be some element of uncertainty about it!

Would you ever write a Bane Chronicles sequel?( preferably with more malec?) Also, would you consider writing more short stories??

Maureen, Sarah and I loved writing the Bane Chronicles very much and we’re definitely planning another set of short stories. We feel like we’ve  mined Magnus’ life a lot with BC, and we wanted to try something different: the next set of stories will be centered around  (CoHF spoilers)

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Stranger poetry: Magnus and Alec

A scene from CoHF illustrated by Cassandra Jean. Slightly spoilery. Magnus and Alec questions under the cut.

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Magnus Bane a la The Mortal Instruments


Magnus Bane a la The Mortal Instruments

A Downworlder bouquet, courtesy of Cassandra Jean!


Let the flames begin. 


Let the flames begin.