"You’re not Will"

Hi, Cassie! So, it has been more than a year since the release of CP2 and I still didn’t get over it. I feel both happy and depressed when I think about this series. And I know that we will still see the characters in TLH, but it will not be the same, because it will be in their children points of view. So, I was wondering… you have written many extra scenes for TMI, and scenes from different characters POVs (like Jace’s, when it was Clary’s POV in the book). Are you planning on sharing with us any more scenes like that from TID? I wouldn’t mind at all a POV of Jem’s, specially that scene from the CP2 epilogue ♥ Thank you so much, and I’m super excited for CoHF and your coming to Brazil! — fairchild-gray-fray

I’ve never written the scene on the bridge from Jem’s point of view because Jem knows way too much about what happens in City of Heavenly Fire. It would, bizarrely, be spoilery for TMI. So maybe TMI is done; we’ll see. 

If you want to read Jem’s POV on the bedroom scene with Tessa in Clockwork Prince, though, I wrote that. It’s called An Offering of Moonlight. I’ll paste it in, though many of you may have read it before — it’s not new. Under the cut, from the chapter “Fierce Midnight” in CP. There’s also “Burning Bright" which is Jem’s perspective on meeting Tessa for the first time.*

*And now  I noticed the first thing Jem ever says to Tessa is “You’re not Will.” Huh.

** Ooh, Cassandra Jean gave me a Jessa scrap the other day. Now I get to use my scrap!

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What ifs

tw: suicide

What would have happened to Jem and Will if Tessa had never come into their lives? —(composited question)

Jem would have died from the yin fen. Will would have committed suicide, ending the Herondale line.

Tessa's like such a rebel though
Everyone: Demons and shadowhunters can't have chidren!
Tessa: sorry
Everyone: Girls shouldn't have sex before they're married!
Tessa: oh no
Everyone: Shadowhunters can't marry downworlders!
Tessa: my bad
Everyone: Warlocks can't have children!
Tessa: oops
Everyone: You can't end up with both of them!
Tessa: watch me
Jem/Tid questions


Hello! I absolutely love your books. I doubt you’ll see this or read it but if by any chance you do I would like to ask you a question. I recently seen the drawing of Tessa and Will introducing their son James to Jem and Jem appears to be crying? If so are these tears of joy or sadness? In of the Bane Chronicle books Magnus meets James and there is a scene where Magnus is at the institute Tessa and Will are running. When Jem comes into the scene James calls Jem Uncle Jem. I’m aware that they brought James up to think of Jem as an uncle but how does Jem feel about all this? Im sorry if im asking questions that cannot be answered but curiosity is killing me. :) — tiffany-tmi-tid

Well, I can only tell you what I think. I think Jem was crying out of a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy because he’s happy for Will and Tessa — obviously they’re thrilled to have a baby. (Not that you have to have kids to be happy, but they wanted them, so.) And he’s incredibly touched that they named the baby after him. (Jem=short for James.) So is crying because of that.

I am sure there is some part of Jem that is sad because he is cut off from the cycles of life: from birth, death, marriages, engagements, friendships, small human gestures and larger ones. I think he is not despairing. I think Jem is patient and believes in a better future, however long it may take that future to come. Brother Zachariah talks a little in City of Heavenly Fire about what it’s like to be a Silent Brother and how they don’t quite feel things like human beings do.

I do think Midnight Heir gives some insight in the manner in which Will and Tessa keep that part of Brother Zachariah that is Jem something to be anchored to, and Last Hours will give more. But I also think it’s okay for stories to have some open parts in which you’re free to intuit what you think. How do you think Jem feels? The fondness he has for Will and Tessa, and they for him, and the happiness they all bring each other; even the fondness he has for his “niece and nephew”, Lucie and James, is there in Midnight Heir: it’s not from his point of view, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read into Magnus’ observations of him to suss out his feelings. 

This may seem like an odd question, but quite a few of my friends and I on tumblr were wondering what Jem and Tessa’s relationship was like during the couple months before CP2 began (like during that blank space between CP and CP2). A lot of us like to imagine what they are like in modern day (something I hope to see!) but we never really got to know too much about their relationship during the majority of their engagement. Strange question, I know, and you don’t have to answer! Some of us were just very curious :) — mrscarstairs

I would say that just like in Midnight Heir you can do some interpreting of Jem’s feelings through Magnus’ observations of him, you can do some back-engineering of Jem and Tessa’s relationship between CP and CP2 by the things we know about them in CP2.

We know they are happy with each other, but that both of them also have things that are making them unhappy — the threat of Mortmain hangs over them both: Tessa carries the burden of knowing about Will’s feelings, and Jem carries the burden of knowing he’s dying faster than he’s letting on.

We know Tessa is learning Mandarin for Jem, which is a pretty strong sign of commitment, learning a language for someone when they don’t even require it. We know Jem is writing music for Tessa. We know they don’t fight, since the fight they have in CP2 is their first.

I think I get a lot of these questions about Jem because there’s a sense that since we rarely get his POV we don’t know what goes on in his head. But we do know a lot! We know characters through their actions and their dialogue as much as we ever know them from seeing their thoughts (think how well we know Gatsby, when we never get his thoughts at all and he’s not the POV narrator.) For instance, Jem on how his interactions with Tessa between CP and CP2 have been informed by his determination that she not know the truth about his health:

In the beginning, when I first realized I loved Tessa, I did think that perhaps love was making me well. I had not had an attack in so long. And when I asked her to marry me, I told her that. That love was healing me. So the first time I was—the first time it happened again, after that, I could not bear to tell her, lest she think it meant a lessening of my love for her. I took more of the drug, to fend off another illness. Already by that time it was taking more of the drug to simply keep me on my feet than it used to take to keep me going for a week. I don’t have years, Will. I might not even have months. And I don’t want Tessa to know. Please don’t tell her

Kind of like we know exactly how Jem feels about Will taking drugs in CP, despite not being in his head, from his punching Will and subsequent speechifying. :)

One note about engagements in the Victorian era: Jem and Tessa would not have been given free reign to do a lot of physical stuff with each other. They could hold hands, take walks together, maybe kiss. They would be separated at nightfall and certainly no visiting of each other’s bedrooms would be all right (though Shadowhunters are always popping in and out of each other’s bedrooms, but J&T would be more watched after the engagement, not less.) This is why their making out in the music room in CP2 is a big deal and results in Jem being like “We must be married RIGHT NOW.”

Otherwise, there are certainly open spaces in between CP and CP2 in which one might imagine how Jem and Tessa’s specific interactions might have gone — but that’s okay! Sometimes it is fun to have space to let your imagination roam.

The Last Hours

Cassandra..if we are expecting something steamy from jace and Clary in CoHF… will we be expecting something from Will and Tessa in TLH as well? — mundanedoppleganger

Oh, perverts. You are my people. Certainly a lot of weird things happen in the Shadowhunter world that lend themselves to pervy thoughts. Kind of like on Teen Wolf, which I have just finished catching up on.

My husband: What’s going on on Teen Wolf?

Me: A magical vet has stolen poisonous moss from a mob boss with a lethargic wolf and is planning on using it to expel demons from teenagers! Also evil firefly ninjas have attacked a werewolf while he was handing out candy to schoolchildren.

My husband: Did you ever think you’d say those words?

Me: Maybe not in that order.

ANYWAY. I would not be expecting anything steamy from Will and Tessa in TLH because 1) that already happened in Clockwork Princess and 2) the books are told from their children’s point of view so they would be watching, and the thought creeps me out so much it makes my head want to fall off and roll around.


Will and Tessa have a very happy marriage, and that’s pretty much what I want to say about that.

Besides, I am pretty sure that once you actually get into the Last Hours, it is not Will and Tessa you will be asking me for steamy scenes from. I promise! :)

Magnus/Tessa ?

Hey Cassie! I love your books!!! Well, I was looking at the family tree of Clockwork Princess and I realized something strange: why did all Sophie’s kids die before her? Is this going to be explained in TLH? Poor Sophie… =( Kisses and thank you!! — my-prince-of-the-ocean

Remember that not everything about the family tree is accurate - it’s meant to be a found object, something made by a person, so the person who made it could have made mistakes/been concealing things on purpose. Maybe one of Sophie’s kids married a mundane, or turned into a vampire, or an Iron Sister, and the person who recorded the family tree politely left that info off.

Hi Cassie! I’m super excited for TLH ( I know, I know, it’s a long wait)!! I was looking at all the posts about it, and I thought about something. According to shadowhunter’s wiki and the family tree, Lucie Herondale (can’t wait to hear more about her and her brother!) was born in 1891, which means she’d be about 12 in TLH. Isn’t Jesse like 12 years older than her? Also, will Gabriel an Cecily appear in TLH? Or other characters from TID? — alix-gryffindor-rules-potter

Yes, according to the family tree Jesse is way older than Lucie. Of course he’s also dead according to Midnight Heir. You’re just going to have to trust that the weird stuff with time and dates in the family tree is meant to represent deliberate mysteries that are also mysteries for the characters!

Gabriel, Cecily, Will, Tessa, Jem, they all appear in TiD. They’re part of their children’s lives — think of them as occupying the places that Maryse, Luke, Robert and Jocelyn occupy in TMI.

"I love your books! Just curious, when Magnus and Tessa where living together where they ever “friends with benefits?” — annaloli"

Hee hee heeeeee. Hee hee.

No, in my mind they’ve never been anything but platonic friends.

Oh, this is heartbreakingly beautiful!

Jem and Tessa~ (The Infernal Devices written by @CassieClare)

Oh, this is heartbreakingly beautiful!


Jem and Tessa~ (The Infernal Devices written by @CassieClare)

Heh heh.

Clockwork Princess Epilogue (SPOILER) by ArtofARoman


Heh heh.


Clockwork Princess Epilogue (SPOILER) by ArtofARoman



Our two beloved heroines. It’s a late post regarding the Cassie’s tweet that she’s finishing COHF yesterday (+8:00 GMT). 

Hey Miss Cassie, if ever you read this, I just want to let you know that you wrote books that entirely changed my life. (No, sush, I’m not being senti) but it’s true. I reeeaaallly would thank my girlfriend for introducing me to TMI or TID. How I wish I read the books years ago. But now, I feel like I’ve been a fan for a long time. So yeah. Thank you for inspiring me. Your books made me enjoy drawing again. And it made me abetter artist, and it gave me a new direction. Before I would doubt myself for aiming to be an illustrator, now I want to continue it, doubtless and happy. Even though I’m taking a college course that is different from what I really want to be, I will continue honing the most important thing in the world, and that is drawing. So yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. 

And even though TMI will end, I will neeevvveeer. EVEEER stop illustrating it (despite whatever ending you have for us).

So here’s a drawing of our beloved heroines from our two favorite books that our beloved author, Cassandra Clare, made. I could have drawn Emma, but I do not know her yet and I am looking forward to meet her! 

(Decided to just post the Tessa I did ages ago along with Clary, thought it’s appropriate. |D) 

You guys keep making me cry! *weeps into cereal, then goes back to madly formatting*

Clary and Tessa as August and September for mine and Cassandra Jean’s calendar of Shadowhunter girls. Clary looks as if she is thinking ravishing thoughts about angels and Tessa is thinking ravishing thoughts about books: fitting!