/me reading book 6  ;_;


/me reading book 6  ;_;


De-stressing with little Clary and Simon ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

There is a ton of terrific TMI fanart at this blog!


De-stressing with little Clary and Simon ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

There is a ton of terrific TMI fanart at this blog!

Jace’s sex life and the Carstairs name

Hi Cassie I love your books and am a huge fan but I was just wondering… Jace reveals (not that he’s had sex) that he’s been intimate before with a girl(s). I was just wondering if you had anyone in mind whom he’d been intimate with and why that didn’t even bother Clary? Would be so grateful if you answered my question Thank you — rottinpeace

I have various thoughts about Jace’s love life before Clary (we know he dated the faerie waitress, Kaelie, before Clary, because they actually snuggle and cuddle in front of Clary — I think people forget that!) but nothing so concrete I want to put to paper/Internet yet.

I assume Clary doesn’t care because why would she? It’s got nothing to do with her. He dated before her, in TDA Emma’s had boyfriends and sex before the book starts, in TID neither Will or Jem has had any sex before Tessa — people vary. I’m sure he’d tell her about it if she asked, but I suspect readers want to know the gory details more than she does. :)

Hi Cassie, I read  CoHF and The Infernal Devices too and I thought that Jem Carstairs was the last Carstairs alive, so how does Emma have the same last name? I read this and got a little confused, because Jem becomes an silent brother, resulting in the ending of that last name. Please help me. (if my English is a little poor I’m so sorry, because I’m Brazilian) Kisses! — aninkheart

And I’m leaving for Brazil tomorrow! Meanwhile, this is how the Carstairs name continues.

He was stocky, perhaps in his late thirties, with a scar that ran along his jaw. Tousled, fairish hair, and blue eyes, and skin tanned by the sun. It looked even darker against his starched white shirtfront. There was something familiar about him, something that teased at the edges of Tessa’s memories.

He came to a stop in front of them. His eyes flicked to Will. They were a paler blue than Will’s, almost the color of cornflowers. The skin around them was tanned and lined with faint crow’s-feet. He said, “You are William Herondale?”

Will nodded without speaking.

“I am Elias Carstairs,” the man said. “Jem Carstairs was my nephew.” 

— Clockwork Princess

The Carstairs line continues through Elias Carstairs. There are also other Carstairs. Jem never says he is the last of his line or the last Carstairs out there. Shadowhunter families can sometimes be huge — Cristina, Diego and Jaime are all Rosaleses, but Cristina is in fact related to neither of them except perhaps incredibly distantly.


So I finished City of Heavenly Fire and was overcome by the urge to draw the TMI teens as members of a band (I think Magnus is their manager, or maybe their fashion consultant?)

Also, I borrowed the idea of Alec with an undercut from assassinandthecaptain so credit to her <3 

TLH Snippet

about the Dark Artifices, are Jem and Tessa going to play a similar role to Will and Tessa in the Last Hours? I really enjoyed reading about the relationship in the Infernal Devices and the snippet in Heavenly Fire. I know you said in a previous post about how letting go of characters is a part of life, but JESSA. You’re amazing, your books are amazing, and Jem Carstairs is amazing. - Lily — falling-into-rain


I would say they play very different roles because Jem and Tessa are not the parents of anyone in The Dark Artifices.

Yes, Jem is distantly related to Emma through his uncle Elias, but neither he or Tessa are the parents of any of Our Heroes in TDA. They don’t even look old enough to be any of their parents. They have a more, I don’t know, almost Magnus-y role.

By contrast Will and Tessa are James and Lucie’s parents. They are obviously enormously bound up in their lives, love them enormously, and are people who James and Lucie spend their lives comparing themselves to and seeking approval and love from. They are also a generation older than them. Their friends are Jem and Gideon and Cecily and Gabriel and Sophie and Charlotte and Henry. Their kids are their kids, not so much their compatriots.

It’s known that Tatiana Blackthorn (nee lightwood) is the antagonist in TLH. I was just curious, if she still remained close to Gabriel and Gideon, and if she ever even attend their weddings? (Is this also when she started to plot her “revenge”?) — dumbledorelovessherbetlemons

Well, she is an antagonist. She may not be the only one. And she did not remain close to Gabriel or Gideon. She hates them.

Hi Cassie, I can’t wait for TLH and I would like to know what kind of relationship there’s between Lucie and Matthew? :) — warlockintothetardis

Lucie adores Matthew. He’s her brother’s parabatai. Everyone loves Matthew. He’s one of those people. Snippet:

Matthew held out his hands. “Pax,” he said, wheedlingly. “Let it be peace between us. You can pour the rest of the port on my head.”

James’ mouth curved up into a smile. It was impossible to stay angry with Matthew. It was almost impossible to get angry at Matthew. 

Michael and Robert


Hi Cassie! Correct me if I’m wrong. Jace lived with the Lightwood’s under the assumption that he was Michael Wayland’s son. But he was really Stephen Herondale’s son. In CoHF Robert says to Alec he doesn’t like gays because Michael was gay and liked him. How did Robert take care of Jace if he knew Michael was gay? He would know that Jace isn’t really his son. Thanks. ~Nat — divergentshadowhunterpotterhead

That’s not what Robert says. Here’s the text of what he did say:

There was a time, though, when we [Michael and Robert] were close, the best of friends; there was a time when he told me that he loved me.”

Something about the weight his father put on the words brought Alec up short. “Michael Wayland was in love with you?”

“I was—not kind to him about it,” said Robert. “I told him never to say those words to me again. I was afraid, and I left him alone with his thoughts and feelings and fears, and we were never close again as we had been. I took Jace in to make up, in some small measure, for what I had done, but I know there is no making up for it.” He looked at Alec, and his dark blue eyes were steady. “You think that I am ashamed of you, but I am ashamed of myself. I look at you, and I see the mirror of my own unkindness to someone who never deserved it.”

At no point does Robert say he “doesn’t like gays(sic)” [not really acceptable terminology]. Nor am I saying that Robert is a fabulous human being and a great ally. It’s just that his feelings are complicated. Bigotry and prejudice and ignorance and discomfort exist along a spectrum. Robert was uncomfortable when Michael told him he loved him, and he treated him badly. He knows he treated him badly and Alec being gay (and in love with his own parabatai) reminded him all over again that he had been an intolerant asshole, not that he had disapproved of Michael.  

There’s another thing that’s complicated, and that’s the immediate assumption on the basis of Robert’s story that Michael was gay. No one ever actually says that. Sexuality isn’t binary — straight or gay. It exists along a spectrum. Thinking about it as completely binary leads to bisexual erasure (something Alec would be unlikely to do because Magnus, his boyfriend, is bisexual.) It also erases many other identities along the spectrum. Michael could well have been bisexual. He could have been straight and in love with Robert. Robert told Alec that Michael expressed feelings for him—he doesn’t say if he thinks Michael was gay and married unhappily to a woman, or if Michael was bisexual and had a child with a lady he loved, or any of a million other options.

Because Michael did have a son. We already know that as a fact. It was his bones and his son’s that Valentine buried in his burned out mansion when he faked his own death. So since there was an infant boy there who actually existed, it would be very strange for Robert to suddenly decide that this kid didn’t actually exist and couldn’t (grown-up) be Jace.

And lastly, gay men throughout history (if you assume Michael was gay, which is a big assumption) have gotten women pregnant. If Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, and King Edward the Second pulled it off, one suspects Michael could also have managed.

Robert  knew Michael was married, knew Michael got his wife pregnant, knew Michael had a child, and had no questions about how. Nor should he. He has no reason to, nor should anyone else. I actually do know whether Michael was straight, gay, or bi, but I think it’s so irrelevant to whether he could have had children that I’m going to save it for another post (or maybe just Shadowhunter Academy!)

TLH questions

Hi Cassie, so I was just wondering as Will and Tessa got older did she age herself so when they went out in in public they didn’t raise any eyebrows or did they just grin and bear with the stares of say a fifty year old man flouncing around with a sixteen year old girl? I remember in Clockwork Prince I believe Tessa realizing she can alter her physical form just slightly, like giving herself bigger lips and a smaller waist. But she chose not to because she thought it was wrong (I think), would the same thing prevent her from adding wrinkles to her skin as she aged? — flying-falling-aj

Tessa does glamour herself to appear older in any situation where she and Will are going to be seen by people who don’t already know them/aren’t Shadowhunters. She doesn’t if it’s a Shadowhunter gathering. They know who she is.

Hi Cassandra Clare! I really love your books and thanks for them. I have a question about James and Cordelia. You have said that on Twitter the reason for heronstairs marriage is an unexpected one so it is the a sham or political marriage you have talked about? In CoHF we learnt that Carstairs owe Herondales because of something is it about that marriage occured between James and Cordelia? I hope that they fell in love with eachother. You have said TLH is about unusual love triangle and if I don’t remember wrong you believe that in a triangle all of them should have a connection.As I said I hope there will be love between James and Cordelia. I am looking forward to TDA and TLH. I will be glad if you release more informations about upcoming series and reply me back. Thanks. — littlecandyy

There is at least one sham/political marriage in TLH. I also did say James and Cordelia don’t get married for the reasons anyone would think (I suspect.) They do get married during TLH so you’ll find out why they did, if it was a real marriage, if it lasted, etc, in the books. We know from Midnight Heir that James is in love … with someone else. Awkward.

Hi Cassie! I love your books! I noticed that while you’ve talked about the characters for TLH as the children of Will/Tessa, Gabriel/Cecily, Titania, Charlotte/Henry, and Jem’s uncle Elias, you’ve never mentioned anything about Sophie and Gideon’s children. Did they not have any? or maybe they couldn’t? Dying of curiosity, hope you can answer my question!

— yours-to-hold72
They did have children. Barbara and Eugenia are a bit older than the others and tend not to spend that much time with them. Thomas is a significant character; I just didn’t wind up asking Cassandra Jean to draw him, but I probably should. It might be interesting to get portraits of all the characters we know — Will, Jem, Cecily, Gabriel, etc — as their adult selves in TLH, too.
hot boys in books

Hello again Cassandra! I don’t know if you remember, but I sent a fan mail a few days ago. But this one is on behalf of my sister (who sadly doesn’t have a tumblr.) I showed her one of your comments (from Twitter, I believe) saying that Julian was going to be a “sex god” and he was basically going to be hotter than the other boys. (Including the fantabulous William Herondale, who I love!) So basically her question is how?! She is a huge Jace fan, and she doesn’t believe that anyone can be better than him, so she wants to know how will Jules be hotter. Thanks and much love, Ashley P. (The Doctor’s Shadowhunter from 221b) — thedoctorsshadowhunterfrom221b

First I should say: I was joking about the sex god thing. I think someone asked me if Julian was going to be a sex god and I said yes. But mostly because I was being silly and also because I don’t think I’d say “no” about any of my characters except the evil ones. Sometimes even the evil ones. Sex God Status is almost entirely in the eye of the reader. These are book characters, they live on the page: they look how you imagine they look. What you love about them is their characterization, and each character is different. It is down to the preference of the reader who they find sexiest.

I’m glad you mentioned Will because there is also a thing I think of as New Character Syndrome. Before you have met a character — as in read a substantial amount of a book about them — you can’t imagine how you will feel about them, or how you could possibly like new characters as much as the old ones.

When I announced that I was writing Infernal Devices, while many of my readers were excited, just as many were entirely full of trepidation. They did not think they would like Will or Jem as much as Jace or Simon, or Tessa as much as Clary; they didn’t think they could possibly be as invested in the romance. There was a lot of “please, no, not these new characters, I am sure I will hate them, and Will especially" (being a Herondale, but not Jace.)

It took the first book, and maybe even a book and a bit, for me to start getting lots of letters from people who were just as invested in the new story and even liked Will and/or Jem better. So I guess what I would say is: there’s nothing I could tell you that would make you feel like you’ll love Jules (or James or Matthew or Jaime or any new, boy characters). There’s a reason “Show, don’t tell” is a (somewhat overused) watchword in writing: people don’t react to being told a character is awesome. They have to be shown it, in the pages of a book. I know this because I am a reader as much as I am a writer and I react exactly the same way. :)

The only way to find out how hot, or lovable, or whatever, you find Julian and/or Mark and/or Diego and Jaime, is to read Lady Midnight. I mean, I think they’re all hot and adorable in different ways. But my word will never carry the weight of a story, nor should it. I love Jules and he’s very different than any boy character I’ve written before. Whether you will love him as I do remains to be seen!


"This just-happened. I mean, I got attacked. I didn’t choose it, but it doesn’t matter. This is me now." -Simon Lewis, TMI- The City of Lost Souls By Cassandra Clare

Simon and Rebecca


"This just-happened. I mean, I got attacked. I didn’t choose it, but it doesn’t matter. This is me now."
-Simon Lewis, TMI- The City of Lost Souls
By Cassandra Clare

Simon and Rebecca

Jessa stuff

Gotta keep the balance!

Hi Cassie! I loved all of your books, especially The Infernal Devices - I fell in love with Will *-*. I have a question about Jessa after CoHF: will they have children? I hope you’ll answer me :) Thank you for the amazing world you have created! — mrsherondale-eaton-waters 

Hello Cassie! I absolutely adore your books like many other people, but my boyfriend (who showed me your books) and I had one question, after Jem is no longer a silent brother, does he remain immortal like Tessa? Or will she end up losing him like she lost Will? Thank you for your time if you answer this, we’re both really curious. — sammy-mantha

Hello Cassie! I love your books!!!So… I finished to read Cohf and we know that Tessa is immortal and can have children, but I have a doubt. After so long, she can still have children? Or all these years, even with immortality, impair in any way? Thanks! — lightwoodparabatai

I love your books, and my favorite character is Jem, I just love it, then tell me we will see him next in the books of the shadowhunters? I loved him and Tessa on COHF. One more question, Jem and Tessa will have children ?? I’m so curious !!!! Please answer me !!! — anacarstairs

herondalectable said: Quick question: I know you’ve confirmed that the TMI characters will appear in future books, but what about Jem and Tessa? We know their story as far as the comic strip scene in CoHF, but what about beyond that? I’m not expecting anywhere near as much as we get of Will and Tessa’s married life (which I understand is not the main focus of TLH, but will be included as it was in TBC), but will we at least get a mention of how there doing and maybe of some Jessa babies?

gloriousburritos said: Hi Cassie! I just finished CoHF and I know this might sound weird but will Jem and Tessa ever appear in TDA since they were leaving for Los Angeles? Also, will they ever have children? I’m DYING to know because Jem is like my all-time fave character

Hey Cassie! I just had a little question about Tessa Gray. She’s immortal, but she was able to have children with Will. Is there any chance she can have one with Jem? Also, how does she put up with 130 years of periods? — 50shadesoftessagray

About Jem being mortal: Page 562 of Clockwork Princess:

Jem was mortal now. He would grow old like Will, and like Will he would die, and she did not know if she could bear it again. 

Page 711 of City of Heavenly Fire:

“So he is—Zachariah is mortal now?” Clary asked. “Just— an ordinary Shadowhunter?”
“Yes,” Tessa said. “He and I have known each other a long time. We had a standing meeting every year in early January. This year, when he arrived for it, to my shock, he was mortal.”
“And you didn’t know before he just showed up? I would have killed him.”
Tessa grinned. “Well, that would have somewhat defeated the point. And I think he wasn’t sure how I would receive him, mortal as he is, when I am not mortal.”

Jem is mortal. He has a human lifespan to live. That is a terrible thing for Tessa, but as I think you can probably tell by now, I’m not really a fan of “fixing” mortal-immortal relationships by making those who are mortal, immortal, or taking immortal characters’ immortality away. Immortality is a curse and a gift, and you undermine both aspects by taking it away easily; mortality is a curse and a gift and you undermine both aspects by taking it away easily. 

Jem and Tessa will have a lifetime together; Jem will cross over and see Will “on the other side of the river”; Tessa will be left to mourn him. I’ve always thought of all the characters in Clockwork Princess, in many ways Tessa’s is the saddest fate. Though:

About Tessa having kids: She can absolutely have kids! She doesn’t age out of that, because she doesn’t age. Cindy Pon has even been so kind as to help me with Chinese baby names so Jem’s family name, Ke, can be represented. I imagine Tessa and Jem would want to do some traveling and letting Jem adjust to life in the modern world (I think he would enjoy having an iPod filled with violin music) — and as I said, they have their own agenda in LA — before they have children, but they can certainly have them.

About 130 years of periods: I would guess this falls under the “not so great” aspect of being immortal. However, there are pretty easy ways to not have your period if you don’t want to (birth control pills) and I’d imagine Tessa has access to magical solutions as well. Boy, I never thought I’d be answering that question!

I know you’ve confirmed that the TMI characters will appear in future books, but what about Jem and Tessa? 

At the moment, they literally appear in the first chapter of Lady Midnight.